About Us

Tuff Guard has never claimed to have invented the Polyurethane Spraying System, we do however claim to have perfected it. With Dealers both Nationally and Internationally we are a proudly South African company.

Tuff Guard is continuously introducing technological advancements in the spraying equipment to meet the needs of an expanding market. The versatility of the Spraying System provides clients with different options.

Today, domestic and international Dealers are realising the advantages of Tuff Guard's specialised formulations, comprehensive system packages, practical experience and professional support; all the elements necessary to create mutually successful long term business relationships.

Tuff Guard Pretoria has been in operation since 1998, and has been one of the most successful Dealerships under the Tuff Guard umbrella. We have been supplying the Pretoria market with the best service and most superior quality linings for the past 17 years and continue to grow from strength to strength.

There’s a common misconception today that all load bin liners are the same. That they’re made from the same material. That a liner is a liner. Well here at Tuff Guard, we have thousands of customers that will tell you why all load bin liners are not the same. That there are important differences in reliability and durability. That, Tuff Guard Polyurethane liners are technologically superior in quality and will provide a pliable and seamless protective lining that is resistant to abrasion, cutting and corrosion.

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